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Will a Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?

Will a Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?Treatment centers across the country staff interventionists who can help people stage interventions. By contacting the admissions department of a treatment center, you can begin the process of finding an interventionist. After the initial call for help, you can then begin planning your intervention.

How Interventionists Help

While you don’t need to hire an interventionist to conduct one of these meetings, it is usually the best way not only to reach your loved one, but also to find addiction treatment once your loved one accepts help. Therefore, once you ask for help, your interventionist will help you conduct an intervention and arrange for treatment by taking the following actions:

  • Gathering info – An interventionist will begin helping your loved one by learning about the addict and his drug use to direct the intervention for his needs. This information might include the length of your loved one’s drug abuse, what substances he abuses and what health risks he faces.
  • Developing a team – With your help, your interventionist will develop a team of people who will participate in the meeting, because some people must be excluded if they will undermine the goal of getting your loved one into treatment. Once this team is developed, your interventionist will help you determine the consequences you will enact if your loved one avoids treatment.
  • Mediation – Because interventions can be packed with emotions, it is important that an objective third party oversees the meeting. With this help, you can ensure that the intervention stays on track, that the user hears all of the possible consequences and he understands what the group is asking him to do.

In addition to these steps, your interventionist will also help your loved one choose a treatment facility for his specific needs. Interventionists are well-versed in what programs each facility offers, so they can direct your loved one to the people he needs to work with to obtain sobriety.

Treatment Centers Help with Interventions

A great way to find out if a treatment center helps stage interventions is to browse the web for reputable facilities and to read their list of services. Most treatment centers also have contact information on their sites that can direct you either to their admissions office or another department to start the process of staging an intervention. You can find professional help if you reach out to professional resources.

Help Planning an Intervention

We know how hard it is to watch your loved one struggle with substance abuse, so call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the assistance you need to get her into treatment. Do not wait any longer; call us today for instant support.