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Stigmas Related to Clonazepam Addiction

Stigmas Related to Clonazepam AddictionClonazepam is a benzodiazepine, which means it affects chemicals in the brain that become unbalanced. It treats seizure and panic disorders, but people can become tolerant to it, because it works in the brain to disrupt natural activities. When tolerance develops, a user feels like she needs the drug to feel normal, and she requires higher doses to feel the effects. If someone abuses a drug in this way, an addiction can easily develop. Through diagnosis, psychotherapy, counseling and group therapy, clonazepam addicts can lead normal lives. But the stigmas associated with prescription drug addiction can cause addicts to delay or avoid treatment.

Clonazepam Addiction and Criminal Behavior

The idea that clonazepam addiction is simply a criminal behavior leads some people to think they can stop using on their own. However, clonazepam addiction is a disease that requires treatment for patients to recover. There is an element of choice in the beginning stages of addiction, but once tolerance and dependence develop, addicts need the substance to feel normal. Although addiction can compel users to engage in risky and illegal behaviors (like stealing or doctor shopping), the addiction itself is not a crime, and the user needs treatment.

Is Clonazepam Addiction a Moral Weakness?

Clonazepam addiction does not indicate moral weakness. Addiction is powerful, and those who suffer from it do not necessarily have a problem with morality. To prove this, consider the fact that addiction can run in families. This means that those who suffer from prescription drug abuse may be dealing with a genetic issue. If there is a family history of addiction or mental illness, a clonazepam addict has a greater risk of developing addiction. Proper diagnosis of any underlying mental illness is crucial to successful treatment, especially in those who have a genetic predisposition to addiction.

Is Clonazepam Addiction a Personal Choice?

When people become addicted to a prescription drug, they lose the ability to make good choices. The drug essentially hijacks the brain, so the power of choice is gone. Loved ones and friends need to understand the power and depth of addiction: realizing that your loved one has lost control will help you seek professional treatment.

Can Clonazepam Addiction Be Cured?

Addicts must make a lifelong commitment to stay sober if they are to succeed. Unfortunately, the stigma that addiction can be completely cured has long occurred both in addicts and their loved ones, but it is false. Addicts will deal with the temptation to use for the rest of their lives. However, getting the right treatment and support can help people live drug free. It may take many times in rehab and involve continued therapy and support, but it is possible to avoid relapse for good.

Help for Clonazepam Addiction

Clonazepam addiction stigmas can prevent your loved one from getting the help he needs, but understanding the truth about addiction can help him find treatment. We are here to help you, so call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to speak with an addiction counselor.