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How Clonazepam Addiction Affects Communities

How Clonazepam Addiction Affects CommunitiesClonazepam is a benzodiazepine in the same family as Xanax, Valium and Ativan and is prescribed to treat the following:

  • Epileptic seizures
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Schizophrenia

Clonazepam, known more commonly by its brand name Klonopin or by the slang term “k-pin,” acts by diminishing excess brain activity and reducing the cerebral overstimulation that occurs with the issues listed above. When taken recreationally clonazepam is usually used in conjunction with other sedative substances like narcotics, barbiturates and alcohol to enhance the effect of those drugs. The side effects of prescription clonazepam use are relatively mild, but, when the drug is combined with other drugs, the side effects intensify along with the primary effects. Abuse of clonazepam will eventually lead to addiction which will require dangerous and painful detox.

Clonazepam Abuse in the Community

If drug abuse is not dealt with effectively in the home, it will likely affect the entire community in a destructive and cyclical way. Parents can be a positive influence in the lives of their kids. This includes helping their kids avoid initial experimentation with drugs as well as overcome any drug abuse or addiction that may occur. However parental influence is only effective if parents maintain an authoritative position in their child’s life, balancing high demands and expectations with relational openness and availability. An overly strict and relationally closed authoritarian approach as well as a negligent or indulgent approach will put the child at higher risk for negative peer influence that could eventually lead to drug abuse.

Treatment for Clonazepam Addiction

While lack of healthy family involvement can increase a person’s chance of abusing drugs like clonazapem, family can also be instrumental on the road to recovery. During addiction rehab programs families are encouraged to join in on therapy sessions to learn how to support their loved one who struggles with addiction. Families can also be powerful voices in the community against drug and alcohol abuse. Personal testimony of the destructive nature of addiction and the healing power of recovery can unite families and whole communities in a drug-free society. Effective change does not usually start at the political or bureaucratic level. It starts in the neighborhood and in the home.

Need Help with Clonazepam Addiction?

Are you or is someone in your family or community looking to overcome clonazepam addiction? Our toll-free number is open 24 hours a day to accept your call and address your concerns. Please call today.